Junior High had many obstacles for Jon to overcome. The two worst times of the day for him was lunch and PE. He struggled terribly to find his way to find his voice, and then entered stage RIGHT. Mr. Sceggel! He taught a Technology class where Jon’s brother, Jacob was a record holder and had his name displayed on the classroom wall. So Jon thought he too was a living legend because they shared the same last name.

Mr. Sceggel decided that he was going to start a guitar club and Jon was anxious to be a part of it, first because Mr. Sceggel was so cool, and second because he thought that girls would like him because girls loved rock stars! Jon wanted so much to impress Mr. Sceggel. He had to borrow his guitar and worked tirelessly to learn the music for an after school talent show. Jon was so excited about the show that he talked about it endlessly. He struggled with the positioning of his fingers, he struggled with the close proximity needed to teach a musical instrument.

But despite the fact that nearly everyone else in the club was an accomplished musician, Jon persevered because Mr. Sceggel was going to play a special song and allow him to play along with him. I remember the joy on his face when Mr. Sceggel made it look like Jon was the star for that short riff. But it was in that instant that no one would really know just how important music would become for Jon. Prior to joining the club Jon had out of deep pain from a difficult situation with a PE teacher he stopped talking. He had completely shut down and had basically given up on any chance of fitting in.

The guitar opened up a dialog for him that would catapult him into joining a band his freshman year of high school, a band that took First Place in Battle of the Bands. Jon told so many people when he gave his talks that the guitar gave him his voice. And when he made presentations he always called you, by name Mr. Sceggel, as the person who gave him music. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for helping Jon find his voice.

We present the coolest guy in Jr High, Mr. David Sceggel with a 2014 HERO AWARD!

I will always remember Jon as a fun quiet kid, who rocked out on the guitar. I remember playing a song by the band Sublime with Jon.