How many of you know a child that is excited to go to the dentist? Is that unheard of? Well, Jon loved going to our family dentist, Matt Morkin, because Matt “got” Jon. For starters, every exam room in Matt’s office is adorned with framed movie posters. As most of you know, Jon had a real love for film and had planned to attend film school in Chicago. He and Matt could discuss movies, both classic and new releases, for extended periods of time. His appointments always ran a little long.

Jon had an extensive collection of Power Rangers. Now, as you can see from your centerpieces, this was an area that Jon was very passionate about. They would discuss collector items and what was valuable and truly collectable. Matt took great interest in Jon’s expertise in all things Power Rangers.

As a matter of fact, just a few days prior to Jon entering the hospital, he was at Matt Morkin’s office after it had closed for the day buying some classic Power Rangers Matt found in his garage to add to his collection. Some of those pieces are with us tonight.

For the beautiful gift of understanding and friendship, the H.E.A.L. Foundation is proud to present this Hero Award to Dr. Matt Morkin.

My fondest memories are always at the dental office. Every time (and I mean every time) Jon walked through that door, he was grinning from ear to ear (and we don’t see that at the dental office routinely). He brightened the mood of everyone’s day. He just had that infectious positive vibe that made everyone feel good, even after he left the office. I can still see that smile and it still makes me feel better regardless of how my day is going.