When Jon was in 6th grade he joined the wrestling team because his brother Jacob told him he had to because it was a no cut sport, Jon weighed in at 60 lbs. and often had to compete with girls at tournaments. At the end of the season Jon was competing at Sectionals and the referee would not let him compete because his hair was too long. The coach was afraid that a disqualification would cost the team points so he took out his finger nail clippers and proceeded to cut Jon’s hair.

Those of you who know Jon well, know that Jon invented the selfie because he took pictures before and after every haircut. Of course with him standing in front of his bathroom mirror! So needless to say immediately after the tournament I had to get Jon to a professional or he could not and would not return to school.

We went to try and get Jon’s hair evened out at Custom Cuts. As we were leaving he kept feeling the back of his head and insisting that it wasn’t even. I don’t like conflict and I didn’t want to go back in and complain, but Jon was so unhappy that I returned to the shop. And to our delight we were met in the lobby by Joy Lunn, the Manager. She insisted on correcting the mistake personally and spent over 30 minutes talking to Jon and making sure that he was 100% satisfied FREE of change.

Joy made him so happy that he continued to see her 2 – 3 times a month and they would take his internet photos he brought with him or on his phone and try to transform him into the movie or television star pictured. Once he began working at Chuck E Cheese several doors down, from her Salon he would see Joy more frequently. I hope he tipped you well because I taught him to! Joy always made time for Jon to tell his stories about his collections, his concerts, his school events and his love life.

She was a trusted confidante and a cherished friend. Her love for Jon was so great that she cut and styled his hair for the biggest event of his life his funeral visitation where 1200 people came to say goodbye to Jon.

So tonight Joy you are our HERO for the gift of attentiveness to detail and for always making Jon look and feel so very handsome!