Justin Convery is a talented young singer who grew up in Lexington, IL. Through a mutual friend, Ryan Manuel, Jon and Justin met and discovered their common interest in music. Although Jon developed into a very talented guitar player, he was not a gifted singer. It wasn’t from lack of trying, but God apparently felt that it would be too much blessings for one individual to be that good with a guitar AND have a fine singing voice as well.

Justin on the other hand, has a fine singing voice, and together they formed the group JustUs. Playing popular songs, as well as some classics and original tunes, Jon and Justin entertained at local coffeehouses and charity events, like Acoustics for Autism.

Although Jon had played in other groups prior to meeting Justin, this was the first time that he was ever approached by someone who treated him as an equal. They played beautifully together. There is one song in particular that Justin lent his voice to that has a special place in our heart. Jon wrote “Die, Rise and Go” while attending his first Teens Encounter Christ weekend. The words and music just flowed out of him. They wrote many songs together and spent hours rehearsing and recording their music in Justin’s basement. Justin never made Jon feel less, he loved him like a brother and respected him as a musician.

We would like to recognize Justin for the beautiful music he made with Jon by presenting him with this Hero Award.