The Heroes of 2014

We have recognized 20 individuals here tonight chosen from over 100 nominees. The final honorees were selected because you touched the life of our son, in a way that transformed his life. Each of you shared a life changing moment in the 20 years of his life and because you nurtured him, protected him and loved him like only a mother, father, teacher or special friend could. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, so welcome to our village.


Our final recipients of the evening is for our closest family friends The Snowdens. We met the Snowdens 3 weeks after moving to Bloomington from

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This was either the easiest or hardest introduction to write, depending on how you look at it. If you base it on the amount of

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Jon was always strong in his faith. That probably was instilled into him when he was a toddler and Geralyn served as the Coordinator of

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As you have heard on a number of occasions tonight, Jon had a love for comic books. Jon’s older brother, Jacob, was the first to

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When Jon was in high school he developed a real love of cinematography and all types of digital media. He found out that he could

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Mark Cortesi is the co-founder of the Music is the Medicine Foundation. This is an organization that recognizes the healing power of music for people

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We have been blessed with amazing grandchildren and when our granddaughter, when Kassidy a 4th grader at Olympia West she shared with us that her

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Jacquie Mace, Founder of the Autism Society of McLean County entered our lives when Jon was coming off of an all- time high after raising

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